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Poetic Limericks, not your ordinary limerick!

Poetic Limericks are genuine poetry written in the limerick style. My poems, like limericks, use a distinctive rhyming scheme of a-a-b-b-a in which the first, second, and fifth lines of each stanza rhyme as do the third and fourth lines. My poetic limericks also utilize the unique limerick meter.

However, that's where the similarity ends! Whereas standard limericks are usually humorous and often off-color or downright crude, Poetic Limericks span a broad range of subject matter and, using words as an art form, employ literary devices found in more traditional forms of poetry.

My Work

To date, I have written over 600 POETIC LIMERICKS. You'll find poems here about art, love, time travel, history, nature, magic, etc. Of course, I also have written many humorous poems as well! Most of my poems run five or six stanzas in length but one has developed into an epic poem of over one hundred stanzas! You can see that poem entitled "Honor Roll" on this website by going to the links below.

As far as I know, very few people have written genuine poetry using the limerick style, perhaps due to the difficulty in making use of this complex rhyming pattern and meter. The same could be said for most structured rhyming poetry. The sonnet form with 14 lines, iambic-pentameter meter, and an a-b-b-a rhyme scheme is seldom encountered in modern poetry. Alas, poor Shakespeare!

My first hardcover book published in November 1997, POTPOURRI OF THE MIND, contains eighty Poetic Limericks. My second hardcover book, A SOJOURN IN LIMERICK, was published in June 1999. It also has eighty poems, mostly new ones, including a number which have been honored in various ways.

The format for my online books is very different from that of the hardcover editions!

On January 1, 2000 I published my first online book, a collection of Dartmouth poems entitled THE GREEN HEART. This was followed by SURROUNDINGS in April 2000, a collection of poems focused on the beauty of nature and the natural world around us. The format for these efforts contains 40 Poetic Limericks along with extensive accompanying photos designed to enhance the poetic impact. Click here if you would like to see the beginning of either of these online books, the Table of Contents, and the first few poems without incurring any cost ...




If you prefer to skip these options for now, just move on to see a few sample poems.

Two Sample Poems

The first sample poem is from page 71 of POTPOURRI OF THE MIND.


There's a time machine inside your mind,
To this time and space not confined;
Return to the past,
Destinations are vast,
Or fast forward to see what you find.

Re-experience moments you prized,
The delights of your life scrutinized;
Scenic beauty recaptured,
Again you're enraptured,
In your time machine all this reprised.

Full control of your life with your brain,
See things that no longer remain;
Events can be changed,
Some results rearranged,
You can be a young child once again.

Plan a trip to before you were born,
See the Earth on the very first morn;
No borders for nations,
No thought limitations,
Imagine the perfect sojourn.

Why not create a past life or two?
There is nothing your mind cannot do;
Dream up some dreams,
Go to any extremes,
Climb a mountain peak near Kathmandu.

On the trips to the future take care,
You may not like what you see there;
Be aware if you venture,
I don't want your censure,
The world will be different - - beware!

Copyright 1997 by Joel D. Ash - - All Rights Reserved

In January 2001, one of my Dartmouth classmates visited the site and left a comment that it would be nice if one could hear me reciting one or more of my poems. At the time, I did not have the capabilities necessary to accomplish that. Now I do, and you can hear me reciting a slightly shortened version of The Time Machine. The sound file in MP3 format is 231 KB in size and the play time for the recitation is one minute and 18 seconds. It takes a minute or so to download. If you would like to hear me reading, please click here ...

Download the 231 KB file with My reading of The Time Machine

The next sample poem entitled BOOK BURNERS is not in either of my published books, but it certainly will be featured in a future one. This poem, which received an HONORABLE MENTION in the Illiad Press Literary Awards contest for the Spring of 1999, has also been selected to receive The President's Award for Literary Excellence 2000 issued by the President of the National Authors Registry.


Save us all from restraint of expression,
Dark clouds raining down mind suppression;
The Nazis now loosed,
Evil thugs rule the roost,
It's a time with the world in regression.

They come in the black of the night,
The jackboots and killers of light;
In search of man's thought,
List of works by them sought,
Frightening time of the book burning blight.

The volumes consigned to the flames,
Sigmund Freud and Remarque, famous names;
Ideas set to torch,
Burning words that they scorch,
Death to books that the state now proclaims.

The writers themselves follow soon,
Raging fire that blackens high noon;
Each one in their turn,
Cattle herded to burn,
Cremated by day and pale moon.

Worldwide host rising up in dissent,
Sad destruction they have to prevent;
A war must be fought,
Lessons cry to be taught,
With remembrance of what it all meant.

When creation of thought is curtailed,
The freedom of man is assailed;
The Allied might needed,
And D-day succeeded,
Give thanks that the righteous prevailed.

Copyright 1999 by Joel D. Ash - - All Rights Reserved

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This book, published June 1999, is a beautiful companion edition which is done in the same style as my first book! It has another 80 poems including ones on nature, food, love, sexual appetites, time travel, and magic - - there are also new topics, many with a touch of humor. Included are poems which have been honored such as Paean to the Millennium, Unmasked, and Night Sky. The cover, graphics, and overall look of the second book match that of my first so they make a fine set together! I expect to eventually publish a third book to complete the set.

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